Dear Members,
The most valuable benefit of belonging to the Texas Council on Family Violence is the camaraderie of association with others working in the same field.  There’s great pride in being part of an organization that works to honor, protect and educate men, women and children who are affected by domestic violence.   Members with this organization have a voice with the Texas legislators; we can collectively change laws to better protect those who are most vulnerable in our communities.  My agency has been a member of TCFV for many years, and I personally have been an individual member during that time.  I am proud of my association with this great agency, and all the benefits I have received over the years.  I urge each of you to consider the benefits of membership [hyperlink to benefits page] and make sure you are taking advantage of them to receive the full value of your membership.

As we approach the holiday season, Thanksgiving is a great time to give the gift of membership to someone you care about and to show them how thankful you are to be in their lives.  And right now, there’s an incentive to encourage others to join, as the member who recruits the most new members during the membership drive will win a Sony Touch camera!

This Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for being a TCFV member.  Your membership means so much as it helps to create positive change for victims and survivors throughout the state.  Thanks for making the choice to support TCFV through membership.


Debbie Moseley
Executive Director,The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters is a Category I Member.  For more information, click here.