Founder and Chairman of Texas Olefins Company and
Texas Petrochemicals Corp.

Dave C. Swalm was “a self-made man who achieved international success in the petrochemical business as well a man who set an example of public service that few can emulate,” according to a description by his alma mater, Mississippi State University. He is further described, most appropriately, as a man with a purposeful life. Mr. Swalm died on April 14, 2008 at his home in New Ulm, Texas, leaving behind a tremendous legacy which included support of the small towns he affectionately called home and the causes he held dear. He made lasting gifts, and TCFV honors him posthumously for his many contributions that continue to address family violence in Texas.

In 1979 he established the Swalm Foundation to fulfill the obligation he felt to give back to the community and to those less fortunate. Over the Foundation’s 26-year existence, grants were made to support charitable organizations, mostly in Texas and mostly to social service agencies, providing assistance to the homeless, the hungry, the abused, and to educationally and culturally disadvantaged youth.

In 2006, Mr. and Mrs. Swalm established the $5 million Swalm Legacy for Safe Families Endowment Fund and selected TCFV as the fund administrator. Since that time the earnings from the corpus have been distributed to Texas domestic violence programs. To date, $ 1,052,351 continue to provide key support to critical services such as shelter and counseling, legal advocacy, education, transitional housing, transportation and a host of life-saving services for families in crisis.

Mr. Swalm declared often that he had had a good life and had been blessed by God with good fortune, family, friends, and fun. Through his giving spirit, many others have been able to find those same blessings in life.