Texas Office of the Attorney General
Deputy Attorney General for Child Support 

Since 2004 Alicia Key has been the Deputy Attorney General for Child Support in Texas. Under her leadership, the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has consistently received recognition as having one of the highest performing child support programs in the country – providing more child support to families than any other state.  Ms. Key’s recognition that financial support is only one part of the picture for families in the child support system has guided the Child Support Division’s development of a range of programs and services designed to respond to many challenges faced by families in Texas. Over the past eight years, Texas has developed a family-centered approach to child support that includes: teen parent services, help for parents with visitation and access issues, employment programs for noncustodial parents and a major emphasis on helping survivors of family violence get child support safely.

Thanks to Ms. Key’s vision and commitment to families, the Texas child support program has reached out to family violence advocates and programs across the state to increase the safety of survivors needing child support services, strengthen referral networks between child support and family violence programs, and expand the family violence training for the more than 2,400 child support staff working in offices across the state.  On a variety of national platforms, Ms. Key and her staff have highlighted the importance of integrating family violence awareness throughout the child support system as well as the importance of working collaboratively with experts in the family violence field.

The OAG recently created a series of high quality educational videos in collaboration with TCFV which involved interviews with family violence advocates, survivors of family violence and child support staff on how survivors can increase their safety while accessing the child support system.