About the TCFV Executive Directors Developing Leadership Program

The New Executive Director Development Program provides a comprehensive orientation for an extensive on-going support to new executive directors of family violence programs.

TCFV recognizes that family violence program executive directors have varying degrees of skill. Some may come from outside the domestic violence or nonprofit arenas, and others may be new to the executive director role. By providing these new executive directors with a comprehensive orientation and meaningful, ongoing support throughout the first two years of their tenure, TCFV is ensuring that each executive director has the fundamental tools she/he needs to successfully lead their organizations, thus enhancing the quality of services provided to victims and survivors of domestic violence. TCFV also believes it is crucial for new executive directors to be informed of statewide trends, best practices and resources. Equally important is for new executive directors to have information regarding available support and training opportunities.

The audience for this program is executive directors with less than three years of experience as leaders for programs serving family violence victims and survivors.

Methods of Contact
TCFV will engage executive directors through a multitude of facets, including:

The New Executive Director Development Program plan utilizes various innovative methods to engage new executive directors and develop directors’ skills and foundational knowledge of operating a family violence program. The program will support new executive directors to successfully lead their organizations in various capacities.