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Texas workplace domestic violence-related deaths

Jackie Davila Saenz, 49
December 10, 1999

Jackie was shot to death at a day care center in Pleasanton by her ex-husband, Lino Romero Navarro. Witnesses told police Navarro was the shooter. He attempted suicide after killing Jackie, but he was unsuccessful.

Judy Rae Gigis, 41
April 12, 1999

Judy was shot to death at her home day care center by her husband, Manuel “Michael” Gigis, in an apparent murder-suicide. Police believe none of the children at the day care center witnessed the deaths.

Amy Wingfield, 31
May 16, 2002

Amy was shot to death by her husband, Raymond Wingfield, 31. He also shot Amy’s fellow nurse as they walked in the hospital parking lot where they worked. Amy died of a head wound and her coworker, Lisa Stewart, 41, was partially paralyzed as a result of the shooting. Wingfield pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 60 years in prison for his wife’s death. He also received a 20-year sentence for shooting Stewart and an additional 10-year sentence for plotting from jail to have Lisa killed months after the attack. Amy is survived by two children.

Misty Dixon Acevedo, 26
January 3, 2002

Misty was stabbed and shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, Todd Alex Caro, at her workplace. Police charged Caro in her death one month later. Misty is survived by three children.

Co-worker Reports of Domestic Violence-related Deaths

Lesa K. Garcia, 34
San Antonio
February 21, 2000

Lesa’s mother found her beaten and strangled after co-workers called to say she had not shown up for work. The night before she was killed, Lesa had cancelled dinner plans with her parents as she waited for her estranged husband, Daniel D.Garcia, 41, to return their two sons from a weekend visitation. Blood and hair samples taken from Daniel Garcia matched evidence found under Lesa’s fingernails. He was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison. An appeals court ordered a new trial saying prosecutors wrongly emphasized a fight the couple had two years prior to Lesa's death. The couple had two young sons.

Rosa Mendoza, 37,
March, 2000

Rosa was shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide by her boyfriend, Adam Frausto, 37. Rosa’s co-workers became concerned when she did not show up for work for three days. When police went to her house, they found her dead with shotgun wounds. Police believe Frausto killed Rosa and then turned the gun on himself.

Jennifer Shea Parmer Campbell, 31
Dogwood City
December 9, 2001

Jennifer died from injuries sustained during an assault. Her ex-boyfriend, Darron Dwayne Miller, was arrested by police after a brief pursuit. Her co-workers told police they had noticed problems between the pair before and that Miller often came to the restaurant where Campbell worked to check up on her.

Cindy Ann Runion Orozco, 43
January 7, 2002

Cindy was found dead in her home when her co-workers called police after she didn’t show up for work. Police suspect Cindy’s husband, Roberto Ruiz, killed her and then fled to Mexico. Orozco is survived by two daughters.

Sheila Bowen, 37
Highland Village
August 12, 2002

Sheila and her husband, Charles Bowen, 43, were found dead by police, who were notified after a distress call was made from the home to a security service. Authorities say Bowen shot and killed Sheila before killing himself. Sheila had filed for divorce and told co-workers she was afraid of what her husband might do. She is survived by two children.

Vickey Bowen, 44
October 16, 2003

Vickey’s body was found in her home by a co-worker who was concerned when she did not show up to work. Police say her boyfriend, Donnie Lee Roberts Jr., killed her. As police pursued Roberts, he jumped from the car he was driving. Eventually, he surrendered and was taken into police custody on suspicion of murder.

Samantha Lezark, 28
Wichita Falls
January 5, 2003

Police say Samantha was beaten with a fire extinguisher and strangled by Kristopher Kyle Russell, 21. A co-worker found her body. The pair had just begun dating when the murder took place. Russell was charged in her death and is also a suspect in the death of his wife, Tara Russell, in Nebraska.

Deborah Houchin, 56
July 22, 2005

Deborah’s burnt body was found several miles away from home after co-workers reported her missing. Police believe she was shot and burned to death in her home. Her ex-fiancée, Lester Winningham, was arrested and charged with the crime.

Fatality Research
The Texas Council on Family Violence tracks, to the best of its ability, the stories of women who were killed by their intimate partners in Texas. This list gives brief accounts of their deaths. We learn of these women from a variety of sources, including the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Uniform Crime Report-Supplemental Homicide Report, media articles and Texas law enforcement agencie's press releases. There are other victims of domestic violence who remain uncounted. The principal reason for the discrepancy in number killed lies in the definition of the relationship between the victim and offender. Authorities will sometimes refer to the offender as an “acquaintance” or “unknown” in reports, when he is actually an intimate partner. The list reflects the most accurate information available to TCFV researchers at the time of compilation.