Purpose and Mission: Voces Unidas represents Latinas who are committed to TCFV’s mission. This Caucus works to ensure that the needs of the Latino community are met at both state and local levels and advocates for services that are sensitive to the needs of Latinas. The Voces Unidas Caucus promotes collaboration between men and women regardless of ethnicity.

Past Activities

“Un Nuevo Amanecer” (New Dawn) Video: Voces Unidas created this Spanish-language video especially for the Latina/Latino population. The video portrays the life of a Latina and her experience with domestic violence in her everyday life (in dealing with family, friends, work and other systems). The 25-minute video was made for public education, support groups, and outreach and training. Production of this video was made possible by the Texas Department of Human Services. Cost: $44.95

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How to join: CANs are made up of TCFV individual members.  If you’d like to join Voces Unidas, click here to become a TCFV member.  Please indicate on your application that you are interested in learning more about Voces Unidas.

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