Your membership is important! TCFV needs members from all over the state, to show the widespread support for our efforts to end domestic violence. Click here to join!

TCFV Friend Membership is open to individuals who support TCFV and want to participate in the work of the organization through involvement on task forces, committees, and the board of directors.

Friend Membership benefits include:

  • Reduced registration fee at TCFV Conferences
  • Voting Rights
  • Receiving the TCFV e-newsletter, Membership Matters
  • Receiving the TCFV print newsletter, The River
  • receiving up-to-date family violence related information
  • Opportunity to join one or more of TCFV’s Caucuses, Ally Groups or Networks (CANs)
  • Opportunity to attend Regional Membership Meetings

And of course, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a leader in ending family violence!

There are three types of Friend Memberships:

Survivors of Domestic Violence TCFV Friend Membership: Survivors of domestic violence receive a lifetime complimentary membership.

Introductory TCFV Friend Membership: Available to first-time TCFV members at a rate of $20. At the end of the first year of membership, members will be upgraded to Regular TCFV Friend Membership.  Membership dues are assessed on a one-year basis beginning at time of enrollment.

Regular TCFV Friend Membership: Available at a rate of $35.  Membership dues are assessed on a one-year basis beginning at time of enrollment.

Join a Caucus, Allied Group or Networks (CANs)
TCFV provides opportunities for individual participation in addressing issues and concerns facing victims of family violence, their children and Texas family violence programs though caucuses, ally groups and networks (CANs). Current CANs include:

  • The African-American Caucus,
  • The Survivors’ Caucus,
  • Voces Unidas,
  • The Legal Advocacy Network,
  • the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus and
  • The Allies for Children and Teens.

Find out more about CANs by clicking here.

Contact us

For questions about membership, please email or call 512-794-1133 or 800-525-1978.