Battering Intervention and Prevention Programs (BIPPs) consist of groups for family violence offenders, in which offenders are held accountable for past abusive behavior and taught the fundamentals of leading a nonviolent lifestyle. Although BIPPS work directly with offenders, the underlying goal of these programs is to enhance the safety of battered women and their children.

Providing services for the innocent victims of family violence is vital, but taking action to stop future violence against victims is also necessary. BIPPs are unique in that they create the possibility of actually stopping future violence.

Currently there are 27 BIPPs in Texas. Click here to search our online Service Directory of programs in Texas.

TCFV monitors BIPPs for their compliance with the state standards. In addition, we provide training and technical assistance to BIPPs, as well as other organizations and individuals. Training can include scheduled events or customized workshops delivered locally, regionally or to statewide conferences of allied organizations. Technical assistance consists of answering questions and providing materials and information for carrying out the work of holding batterers accountable.

We have produced several videos helpful in working with batterers. First, our award-winning Circle of Accountability is a 17-minute video that provides information about family violence and perpetrators through the voices of offenders themselves, a former victim, and various criminal justice professionals. Click here to order the video.

As a tool to enhance the skills of BIPP group facilitators, we produced In the Moment, a 91-minute video featuring a series of role-played scenarios that commonly arise during group sessions. Each of the 13 scenarios is supplemented with a roundtable discussion among four experienced BIPP facilitators talking about how they have handled similar situations. In addition, a 79-page discussion guide serves as a companion to supplement the video. Click here to view sample clips from In the Moment. Click here to order the video and discussion guide.

TCFV has also produced several high-quality print pieces in English and Spanish in support of the BIPP work. Samples are available to all for free and quantities can be provided to organizations within Texas. Quantities for those outside Texas may only be provided at cost.

“Is He Really Going to Change This Time?” was written by TCFV staff in the mid-‘90s. It is a brochure for female partners of men enrolled in a BIPP. It lays out realistic and unrealistic expectations while providing information about what goes on in a BIPP. The aim of the brochure is to enhance the safety of women in abusive relationships. The Spanish version is called “De Verdad Cambiará Él Esta Vez?”

“Men Make Choices” is a folded palm card based on social marketing research, which speaks directly to men. It lays out examples of abusive behavior and asserts that “Choices Have Consequences” and “If you abuse, you can choose to stop.” The Spanish version is called “Hombres de Verdad Escogen.”

“Do the Right Thing” asks men to speak up and get involved when they see male friends or family members acting abusively. The brochure says, “What can you do? Say something! If you don’t your silence is the same as saying abuse is okay,” before offering specific phrases that might be used to intervene. The Spanish version is called “Haz lo Correcto.”

These brochures are available for download in our Materials for Programs Section.

The following is a compelling video that the House of Ruth in Maryland recently completed.

Lisa Nitsch, of the House of Ruth, has presented at TCFV’s BIPP Conferences twice and once at our Statewide Conference.  This video does a nice job of framing the motivation for many batterers to change:  for the sake of their children.  If you have any questions about this video, please contact Lisa Nitsch, Gateway Project & Si Puedo Manager, at (410) 554-8453 or

Links to useful websites about family violence offenders: