TDCJ-CJAD administer the BIPP Accreditation Application Process. CJAD will facilitate the process and will collect the following documents which will be used to obtain probationary accreditation status. The application, supplemental materials, and a policies and procedure manual in accordance with BIPP Guideline standards all require 100 percent compliance in order for Probationary Accreditation Status to be attained.

There is a one-time application fee of $300.
Please contact TDCJ-CJAD for details.
Brandi Lynn Burson 
(512) 305-9344

a. BIPP Accreditation Application
b. Annual Cooperative Working Agreement
c. Training Tracking Form for Licensed Professionals
d. Training Tracking Form for Non Licensed Professionals
e. BIPP Accreditation Guidelines
f. BIPP Accreditation Process
g. Curriculum Tracking Form