Major Legislation Affecting Family Violence
Victims in Texas from 1999-2011

For over 30 years, the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) has led statewide efforts to offer safe options to victims and to hold offenders accountable. One important aspect of this work has been TCFV’s leadership role in accomplishing legislative change in Austin. TCFV has worked and continues to partner with allies and constituents to change the way our state addresses violence in our homes.

This document represents a decade and more of this legislative activism in Texas. Although this represents a relatively comprehensive resource, some bills may not be included. The summaries represent an overview of the primary changes in each bill; we have not included all provisions in every bill. Obviously, readers should take a look at the full bill and the resulting statute in order to best understand their import. Moreover, the legislature revisited many if not most of these bill and statutes in subsequent sessions.

For more information about these or other bills or statutes, contact a member of the TCFV Public Policy Team at (512) 794-1133 or go to

A Decade and More – 76th to 82nd Sessions FV Legislation