Parents have the most influence over a young person’s life. They are poised to promote those cultural norms and belief that protect a family and a community from violence, and they are also the ones who can interrupt those norms and beliefs that put us at risk for violence. Please enjoy the sources parents find helpful in creating safe homes and communities.

The Be Project
The Family Place’s prevention program is called the Be Project. Their site includes links and information for parents concerned about teen dating abuse in particular.

Hand in Hand Parenting
Parenting by Connection is an approach developed by this training organization that gives parents practical tools to resolve universal family challenges. Their site includes a treasure trove of articles, blogs and research related to effective parenting.

AHA! Parenting
Dr. Laura Markham trained as a Clinical Psychologist at Columbia University, but she’s also a mom, so she understands kids — and parents! Her site includes specific resources for children of every age.

Empowering Parents
Parents concerned with the many aspects of bullying will find substantial resources and articles at this site: anything from how to step up should a child bully others to working with schools to address the issue.

Love is Not Abuse: Handbook for Parents
This downloadable guide offers key insights for parents supporting young people as they develop an understanding of what healthy relationships can look like as they make sense of the dynamics they see played out all around them.

Love is Not Abuse: Handbook for Parents of Teens
The research is in, and it shows that young people are involved in relationships at rates far higher than their parents can imagine. Download this guide for conversation starters and tips on talking to the teens in your life about relationship health and abuse.