The Project Connect Texas Leadership Team invites you to be an important voice in improving women’s access to health services as well as early detection, assessment and prevention of violence. Participation on the Project Connect Virtual Councils is entirely voluntary. Your thoughts on how to meet women’s safety needs in the health care setting and women’s health needs in the shelter, crisis center or transitional home setting is invaluable to the development of Project Connect.

There is no travel commitment, and only a small time commitment.

The Virtual Council meetings are held via web conference once a month. Ideally, you will need to have access to a web enabled computer and a phone line. If computer access is not possible, just a phone line will also do.

Your contribution, as part of the Virtual Council of Providers, will help shape the future policy and program work in this area throughout the State of Texas. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard about how we can improve our systems to better meet the needs of women, men and children experiencing family violence.

Be a leader in the emerging work around family violence and health care!

For more information, please contact Surabhi Kukke at or 512.794-1133 x 3017