TCFV through the Support to Service Providers team focuses on ensuring that family violence service providers and battering intervention and prevention programs have the capacity to sustain and provide quality services to meet their local communities’ needs. TCFV accomplishes this through advocacy, education and technical assistance.

This support includes responding to individuals’ and organizations’ requests for assistance from around the state, providing staff and board trainings to family violence providers, site visits with established and developing family violence service providers, auditing  family violence offender programs, maintaining a Research and Resource Center, and identifying strategies for working with underserved communities and providing membership services.

Services Provided:

Technical AssistanceInformation and resources on Family Violence.

Customized Trainings – TCFV provides specialized training on family violence issues to community and allied professional groups throughout Texas.

Consultations – TCFV provides targeted conference sessions on various topics facilitated by subject matter experts to family violence programs and organizations that provide related services.

Collaborations – TCFV works to create and sustain collaborations between systems that serve family violence victims to create seamless services for victims.

Membership – TCFV is a membership-focused organization committed to serving its members, communities and victims of family violence and their families.