Each year, over 100 Texas women lose their lives to domestic violence. This DVAM, we challenge all of Texas to Go Purple and strive for a state where no woman loses her life as a result of family violence.

Why Purple?

GoPurpleMap_2014-01Purple has historically been the color tied to domestic violence advocacy. This year, we’ve applied purple to our map of  our annual Honoring Texas Victims: Domestic Violence Fatalities list.

Look at the map. Where you see purple, those Texas counties were free from a domestic violence fatality this past year. Where you see white, you see where we must redouble our efforts due to tragic fatalities.

Please join us and Go Purple!

This year, GO PURPLE Day is Tuesday, October 6, 2015.

Wherever you may be going that day, wear purple.

Be ready to talk about domestic violence and win allies for the cause.

Let us know about your accomplishments and experiences going purple for a day!

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2015 Go Purple Toolkit Coming Soon!

The Go Purple toolkit will feature activity ideas, social media tools, posters, and other collateral for you to raise awareness during October – check back soon for more details! Also check out the resources below for more information.