Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a great time to bring people together to work on preventing domestic violence and creating positive change for safer communities. The resources listed here may inspire your thinking about how to incorporate prevention into your DVAM activities. The TCFV Prevention Team is also available for trainings to support your community’s prevention efforts throughout the year. You can learn more here.

Make Your Community A Domestic-Violence Free Zone

Here are some examples of community efforts to engage a wide spectrum of partners in creating domestic-violence free zones.

No More campaign

Hollaback campaign

Engaging Businesses in Creating DV-Free Zones
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Booklet: How to Respond to Employees Facing Domestic Violence

Sistas Liberated Ground campaign

City of Northampton Domestic Violence Free Zone Brochure and Road Signs

Additional images used in DV-free zone campaigns:



Working with Middle and High School Students

These free online trainings provide useful information to strengthen domestic violence prevention efforts through youth engagement, social media, social marketing, and public health. Simply click on any of the trainings below:

Using Media and Technology in Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Efforts 

Social Marketing as a Tool in Primary Prevention

In the Know: Social Media for Public Health

Youth Engagement and Primary Prevention in DVAM


Engaging Men in Prevention

Ten Things Men Can Do