Red Flags is a project of the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) especially designed to help young adults form healthy relationships by learning to spot and deal with the warning signs of dating violence. NDVH also runs the National Dating Abuse Helpline. For more information on TCFV, please visit or learn more about Red Flags on our MySpace profile.Things like controlling behavior, jealousy and insults almost always get worse rather than better over time, and can lead to physical violence. Everyone deserves to feel safe, respected and equal in their relationships.

Posters and public service announcements are now available for your local dating violence prevention and awareness efforts. The posters are available in three colors, and there are two television PSAs and one radio PSA. Please call TCFV if you’d like free copies of any of these materials or assistance in using them!

Radio PSA

Phone Stalker – 30 seconds
Phone Stalker – 60 seconds