The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) serves as the statewide expert and clearinghouse on laws, policies, statistics and issues affecting family violence victims, providers and abusers. The Resource Center has developed to support the informational and educational needs of individuals working to end family violence.   In addition, collects data, shares information, and researches policies that affect systems, victims/survivors and abusers and analyzes trends in the family violence field.

Support services currently accessible:

  • Reference Library: The Library ThingLibrary Thing gives family violence constituents an opportunity to browse the TCFV reference library remotely and find resources available via the TCFV website.  Members are able to search topics and have access to the TCFV reference library for resources on family violence and batterer intervention and intervention related books and content.
  • Archived family violence historical records:   TCFV has formed a collaboration with the University of Houston-Carey C. Shuart Women’s Archivist Special Collections.  The collection is a “Live” collection where the University of Houston will continue to collect ongoing historical records and documents on the family violence movement in Texas.
  • Virtual Clearinghouse:  A list of resources available to constituents of the TCFV.  The clearinghouse includes resources available at the coalition i.e. Technical assistance, reference library, materials and publications, requested trainings, educational opportunities i.e. webinars and online classes etc
  • Technical Assistance:  TCFV supports the informational and educational needs of individuals working to end violence via in-person consultation, phone conversation and web assistance
  • Requested Training and Consultation:  Training and consultation are a cost-effective way to deliver training in a focused and tailored way.   On-site and On-line education is the quickest, most reliable way to provide members, partner organizations and communities with concise, up-to-date information on timely trends and best practices on family violence in Texas.
  • Webinars and On-line classes:  On-line education is offered to family violence programs and their leadership to provide accessible training.
  • Material distribution:  The publications and material database is currently on the TCFV website.  Access to available publications and materials start by clicking here

Reports and Research currently available:

  • Statewide Family Violence Program Compensation Analysis:  The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) biannually collects salary and benefit information from family violence organizations across Texas.  TCFV has produced the biannual Statewide Salary Analysis since 1991. A salary and benefits analysis of the non-profit field is a needed endeavor especially post 2008. According to major media outlets, in September 2008, the United States experienced an economic collapse, with individuals, families, businesses and other entities still feeling reverberations four years later.  Since the entire economic system interconnects and intersects, this economic collapse leaves many non-profits with economic challenges and tough decisions.
  • Honoring Texas Victims report:  Honoring Texas Victims serves multiple purposes. It pays tribute to Texas victims by memorializing their story with a brief account of the crime. It also helps us to focus on key distinguishing characteristics of these cases. Further, this report will evoke deeper and more meaningful discussions about barriers and realities that affect the ability of women to escape danger within their relationships. The report strengthens our collective communities’ resolve to end violence against women and girls and work earnestly to save lives.