Family violence programs in Texas have legal advocates. They are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice. However they do offer the following:

  • They can walk you through legal options available to survivors of domestic violence.
  • They can accompany you to court and offer referrals to free or low-cost lawyers knowledgeable about domestic violence.
  • What to expect when you call a legal advocate.

To speak to a legal advocate search the service directory for the family violence program closest to you. Keep in mind that some family violence programs may require you to register as a client before getting an appointment with a legal advocate.

  • Texas has three legal aids that may be able to help you for free or low cost. The legal aids are divided into geographic regions in Texas. Click here to view the map.
  • The Texas Advocacy Project offers a broad spectrum of legal services through the following programs: Free Legal Hotlines, Protective Order Packets, Emergency Protective Order Program, Assisted Pro Se Program, Teen Justice Initiative, Texas Justice Initiative, Legal Access Initiative, LGBT Initiative, and Technical Advocacy. The free family violence statewide number is 1-800 374- HOPE (4673)
  • TexasLawHelp is an online resource that can connect you to legal resources in your community by searching via zip code, city or county.
  • Protective orders are one legal resource that you can obtain if you are experiencing family violence. Protective orders are free and order someone who you’ve had a close relationship with not to hurt you. Click here for more information on protective orders.

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