Have you heard of community-giving days? It’s where a city encourages the community to donate to charities in their area over a set period of time. Located in Austin, Texas, TCFV is participating in the Amplify Austin community giving day on March 4-5, 2013.

We want YOU to join with us and help us crank up the giving for the Texas Council on Family Violence. 

Even if you are not from the Austin area, you can still help TCFV by making a monetary donation through Amplify Austin to show your support.

Here’s how you can help!


Make a donation through the Amplify Austin webpage beginning at 6 pm on March 5, 2015 through 6 pm on March 6, 2015. Your gift will help TCFV continue our mission of promoting safe and healthy relationships by supporting service providers, facilitating strategic prevention efforts, and creating opportunities for freed from domestic violence.

Tweet or Post

You can share your support and encourage your friends, family and coworkers to donate by tweeting or posting a message on Facebook or on your blog. Need help? Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we’ll be sending out messages that you can Retweet and Share. Tweet with #AmplifyATX.

Example: I support @tcfv_president because I believe everyone deserves a healthy relationship. 1in4 women suffering abuse is 1 too many. #AmplifyATX

Example: I’m ready to donate and support victims of domestic violence! Are you? Check out Amplify Austin! Like the Texas Council on Family Violence and get ready to give back!

Why should you help?

TCFV provides training, webinars, conferences, technical assistance, prevention and policy work for victims of domestic violence and family violence programs throughout Texas. Last fiscal year, TCFV held trainings for over 2,600 individuals, webinars with nearly 1,200 attendees, held conferences for over 400 participants, and responded to nearly 2,400 technical assistance calls. TCFV is the clearinghouse for family violence related information, policies, and trainings and we make sure that family violence programs and victims of domestic violence get the help they need.

With your help, we can continue this critical work and amplify our work across Texas. We appreciate your support and help as we crank up the giving during Amplify Austin!