Moving Forward turned out to be an aptly chosen theme for this year’s conference. Between new friends being made in between sessions to discovering new ways to look at old problems, this year’s conference challenged the assumed and pushed domestic violence discourse further.  It also seemed fitting that the people leading our conversations this year as keynotes were themselves responsible for taking steps forward – whether in the movement or in their own personal lives. We learned from survivors, law enforcement officials, longtime advocates and indisputable experts in their respective fields.

The major topics of this year’s conference were:

  • Immigration
  • Safe technology
  • Stalking
  • Examining beliefs about batterers
  • Limited English proficiency

It was especially exciting that this year’s conference drew experts from around the country. Every region of the U.S. was represented during these enlightening and challenging conversations, panels and debates.

Not only did we have a strong national presence, but we had a very strong Texas presence. Seventy-one Texas counties were represented at this conference. There were a total of 370 conference attendees and 140 programs and social service providers were represented.

Please view the photo gallery and the presenters’ slides below.

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Reaching Marginalized Communities Track 21 July 2013
Transforming Batterers Programs Track 21 July 2013
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