Upcoming In-Person Trainings

Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter Training
April 28-30, 2015
Dallas, TX

Men at Work: Building Safe Communities
June 3-5, 2015
Fort Worth, TX

2015 North Texas Effective Work With Batterers
July 16-17, 2015
Dallas, TX

Houston Area BIPP Conference
September 22, 2015
Houston, TX
Register by contacting AVDA at 713.224.9911

Offender Accountability and Victim Safety: Advanced Training on Duluth Curriculum
November 4 – 6, 2015
Lubbock, TX

Upcoming Webinars

To be announced at a later date…


Static Webinars

Creating A-HA Moments for your BIPP Participants
Presenter: Aaron Hernandez

“I threw a TV at her. I never meant to hurt her.” Understanding the minds of men who batter.
Presenter:  Matt Johnston

Future of Batterer Programs: Reassessing Evidence-Based Practice
Presenter: Edward W. Gondolf

Women Who Use Force
Presenter: Melissa Scaia

Community Corrections and Batterer Intervention Programs:
Strengthening Partnerships to Improve Victim Safety and Offender Accountability
Presenter: Carrie Abner


Self-paced Modules

BIPP: Domestic Violence Movement Bundle
-BIPP History of the DV Movement
-Engagement of Men in the Movement
-BIPPs and Social Change

BIPP: Dynamics of Family Violence Bundle
-Dynamics of Family Violence Part 1
-Dynamics of Family Violence Part 2

BIPP: Operations Bundle
-Operations Part 1 Program Focus and Elements
-Operations Part 2 Background Checks & Training Requirements
-Operations Part 3 Community Education, Reporting Requirements & Notifications
-Operations Part 4 Case Files
-Operations Part 5 Supervision

BIPP Accreditation Module
-This self-paced learning module will cover information on The Accreditation of Batterers Intervention & Prevention Programs in Texas.
The goals for the module are to increase your understanding of: Why accreditation guidelines for BIPPs were needed; the process for accreditation; and the four “non-negotiable” guidelines