Static Webinars

Partner Stalking: A Prison without Bars

Family Violence Credit: 1, Total CJAD CEU’s: 1
Partner stalking is associated with protective order violations and almost every other type of partner violence. Women who have been stalked by violent partners report significantly more distress and harm than even women who experience protective order violations but not stalking. Yet, key community professionals do not seem to understand the extent of the danger and harms caused by partner stalking. In this presentation, Dr. T.K. Logan will describe the unique features of partner stalking, the risk and costs of partner stalking to victims and to society, factors associated with partners who stalk, and some ways to assess partner stalking.

Profile of Killers: Intelligence on Men Who Murder Their Intimate Partners

1.5 Credits (1 BIPP, .5 Family Violence)
David Adams, Co-Founder Emerge, will overview research findings on risk markers of domestic homicides, including his own study of men who killed their intimate partners. This will include profiles of five different types of killers, based on in-depth interviews with men who murder their intimate partners as well as victims of attempted homicide. Guidelines for domestic violence danger assessment and risk management strategies will also be discussed.

Creating A-HA Moments with Your BIPP Participants

BIPP Credit: 1, Total CJAD CEU’s: 1
Do your sessions engage men in discussion that promotes critical thinking and action to change their abusive behavior? Aaron Hernandez presents common missteps in facilitation approaches and provides tools to help enhance the effectiveness of your content messaging to create A-HA moments for your participants. By using evidence-based methods to outline learning styles, the value of learning from peers and dialogue this webinar will give you the tools for an engaging group.

Self-paced Modules

BIPP: Domestic Violence Movement Bundle

BIPP Credit: 1.5, Family Violence Credit: 2.5, Total CJAD CEU’s: 4
-BIPP History of the DV Movement
-Engagement of Men in the Movement
-BIPPs and Social Change

BIPP: Dynamics of Family Violence Bundle

Family Violence Credit: 2, Total CJAD CEU’s: 2
-Dynamics of Family Violence Part 1
-Dynamics of Family Violence Part 2

BIPP: Operations Bundle

BIPP Credit: 5, Total CJAD CEU’s: 5
-Operations Part 1 Program Focus and Elements
-Operations Part 2 Background Checks & Training Requirements
-Operations Part 3 Community Education, Reporting Requirements & Notifications
-Operations Part 4 Case Files
-Operations Part 5 Supervision

BIPP Accreditation Module

BIPP Credit: 1, Total CJAD CEU’s: 1
-This self-paced learning module will cover information on The Accreditation of Batterers Intervention & Prevention Programs in Texas.
The goals for the module are to increase your understanding of: Why accreditation guidelines for BIPPs were needed; the process for accreditation; and the four “non-negotiable” guidelines.

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