Annual Executive Directors’ Conference for Family Violence and Sexual Assault Programs

The Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) invites you to attend the annual executive directors’ conference. The annual executive director conferences focus on furthering the momentum ignited in previous years; by continuing valuable dialogue, taking new ideas and making them relevant to your agency and by providing opportunities to network with peers from across the state.  Find out more about the annual Executive Directors’ Conference.

Executive Director Webinar Series 2015
Join us for monthly executive directors’ webinar series for new executive directors. We have opened the new executive director development program to support all executive directors from Texas family violence service providers. This series of webinars will provide opportunities for developing forums for discussion to explore enhancing expertise, self-awareness, self-management, relationship management and social awareness. The charge of overseeing organizations from the novice to the seasoned executive director can be challenging. This webinar series encourages turning the challenge into an opportunity! View upcoming and recorded webinars.

One in the Movement
One in the movement is a web-based training experience for family violence advocates. This training hub fuses live monthly webinars, self-paced programs, an electronic guidebook and information about on-location regional sessions covering essential tools every savvy advocate should know. For more information click here.

Training and Consultations
The Texas Council on Family Violence provides customized trainings and consultations to family violence programs and organizations that provide related services. Trainings are available as funding and resources allow. You can view the menu here. For more information please call 1-800-525-1978.