This is TCFV’s 36th year presenting a fatality review of the women killed as a result of domestic violence in Texas. In Honoring Texas Victims – Family Violence Fatalities in 2013 we have  researched, to the best of our ability, the stories of 119 Texas women who were killed by their current or former intimate partner in 2013.

This report pays tribute to the Texas women who lost their lives by memorializing their story with an account of their death.  It also helps us as advocates identify and analyze distinguishing characteristics of these cases. You may read the narratives of the 119 women killed in 2013 here: Honoring Texas Victims Part I: Narratives.

In the full report, we offer analysis of data drawn from these stories.

You may also find the factsheet summarizing the data from the report to be helpful in your community efforts.

2013 Honoring Texas Victims: Summary Factsheet

2013 Honoring Texas Victims: Full Report

We hope the report will help renew your determination to end violence in Texas.

The following are the reports created for the previous years:

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